Become an Acusis Employee (HT/HQCA)

7-Step Winning Home-based Career

Acusis Home-Based Employee Option

Acusis redefines the traditional workplace setting. Now build a career from the comfort of your home!

Find out about it in 7 easy steps!

STEP 1 - Apply online

Just complete the application form; either by clicking on the “Quick Application Button” at the bottom of this page.

Once you submit the application, you will immediately receive an e-mail with instructions on Acusis transcription testing software application - "ATTA."

This mail will also contain username, password & testing instructions.

You can complete Acusis testing at your own convenience within 6 days of applying to Acusis.

STEP 2- Acusis Online Testing:

  • Total duration: 90 to 150 minutes
  • Test Mode: Online - from home, internet café or by visiting the Acusis office by appointment. All you need is a broadband connection, uninterrupted power, and an environment conducive to providing your best effort.
  • Test Details: To test ability to independently transcribe/edit two to three multi-specialty reports on different work types and accents.
  • HT Eligibility score: >96% transcription accuracy consistently across all the files within the stipulated time.
  • HQC/QCTM Eligibility score: To catch and crack >92% of total errors and blanks pre-loaded into the tests.

*You are free to use reference materials including the Internet.

  • Results will be available via email within 3 working days after completion of tests
  • Acusis email will only state whether you are SELECTED or NOT SELECTED or RETEST. We do not declare or discuss specifics of your test performance.
  • The SELECTED candidates move to the next steps of Acusis concept presentations and interview and would be informed in their result email about their next steps and related timelines.

STEP 3 – Concept Presentations

  • Mail for successful candidates will have access details to "Acusis Concept Presentations" portal.
  • Acusis concept presentations will provide all details you need to make a decision on joining team Acusis, including salary & incentive matrices, schedules, shift timings and infrastructure needed.
  • You can also pick the account/timelines that suit you by choosing the appropriate roadmap.
  • Roadmaps explain how Acusis takes care of you with stipulated payments for the first 3 months.
  • You can communicate your decision to join Acusis by filling up a simple form online.

STEP 4 – Interviews & Hiring

Hiring Documentation

Acusis contract is a detailed legal document that covers:

  • Confidentiality & Nondisclosure norms
  • Salary & Incentive Matrix
  • Deliverables on quality and quantity
  • Guarantees of timely and accurate payment
  • Career stability in any eventuality
  • Performance indicators
  • Termination & Continuation clauses
  • Technical Infrastructure & Support

STEP 5 – Software Installations

Installation of necessary transcription platforms and reference material (electronic medical dictionaries) will happen after an online infrastructure audit by our Systems Team.

Acusis contract is a detailed legal document that covers:

Infrastructure/Connectivity/Power backup


Category 1:

Acusis’ proprietary transcription software along with feedback mechanism, active update system and proprietary online communication tools.

Category 2:

Comprehensive suite of electronic drug and word references.

STEP 6 – Induction @ Home

Induction begins after software installations are done and tested.

  • Acusis induction is a 30-day customized process you can participate from the comfort of your home.

  • You will follow a daily agenda of learning and orientation to clear overall quality and productivity criteria of your chosen account proving your total readiness.

Program Highlights

  1. Live audio/video interaction with Acusis trainer via Microsoft Live meeting for that personal touch & motivation.
  2. "e-Mentor Induction Gateway" audio-video tutorials that you can review at your pace.

At the end of the process, the expectation is to have you ready to realize your full potential to earn greater income and enjoy rewards of a trustworthy relationship with Acusis, all from your own home.

STEP 7 – Career @Home

Clear Acusis induction and become part of Team Acusis!

Reap the benefits of a rewarding career as an Acusis employee while working from home.