November 16, 2006

Acusis Wins Quiz Exchange Trophy



Acusis represented by Senthil Kumar, Krishnakumar Menon and Ananda Sanjeev won the “BPO QUIZ” held at Air Force Common Hospital Auditorium, Bangalore on November 16, 2006 (Thu). This quiz was organized by ALL OUT PRODUCTIONS for BBC RADIO FOUR CHANNEL

The quiz had an elimination round from which four top teams would qualify for the final round and vie for the title. Acusis team topped the elimination round in which 20 teams representing various BPO companies took part. Acusis then vied in the finals with 3 other teams namely Spheris (which had 2 teams) and ICICI One Source.

The finals had 6 rounds of intense quizzing the old-fashioned way with no visual or audio rounds. Acusis managed to lead right from Round 1 answering some weird questions, guessing rightly a few and messing up a few, and after some anxious moments we finally managed to have our nose ahead of everybody else scoring a total of 90 points (runners up team scored 87) to take home the coveted QUIZ EXCHANGE TROPHY.

The quiz was hosted by Mr. Nicholas Parsons, a very well known BBC Radio personality. The quiz has been recorded by BBC Radio and shall be aired on BBC RADIO FOUR in Feb 2007.

The team from Acusis were awarded the glittering crystal trophy and gift vouchers to buy more quiz books I suppose.

We are putting some of the few questions that the Acusis team cracked on their way to this success for you to get a taste of the quality of quizzing we encountered.

  • Which Indian has a lake named after him in Switzerland?
  • What are Indian, Reticulated, and Royal types of ?
  • Who is the CEO of EBay ?
  • Who is the only US president to have been elected as vice president and twice as president?
  • A child named Romeo belonging to a celebrity couple suffers from epilepsy, which famous couple are we talking about ?
  • Which is the only large mammal that can recognize itself in a mirror ?
  • Victoria crosses were made from tanks captured from which famous battle with Soviets that Britain won ?
  • Which battle did Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes fight in ?
  • Who is the most translated female author in history ?


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