September 27, 2011

Acusis® Adds Two New Products To Clinical Documentation Portfolio

Mobile dictation and front-end speech integration to support increasing customer demands



Pittsburgh, PA – September 27, 2011 – Acusis today announced the addition of two new products to the AcuSuite® product family; with the introduction of AcuMobile, a smartphone-based point-of-care dictation solution and AcuSpeech, an integrated front-end speech dictation offering, Acusis is poised to meet the market demands for expanded clinical documentation offerings alongside the transcription platform, eTranscribe and the Acusis Transcription Service offering. The Apple® iPhone® is the first of several mobile platforms intended to aid in streamlining the clinical documentation process. AcuSpeech offers integration with Dragon Medical to support front-end speech recognition customer demands. By offering flexible dictation options and front-end speech integration, Acusis strengthens clinicians’ documentation choices, while meeting their smartphone device demands. According to a study by Manhattan Research from May 2011, the iPhone is a physician’s preferred smartphone platform. Clinicians across all specialties and acuity settings now can easily utilize their iPhones at the point-of-care. Clinicians can now untether from landlines, workstations or dictation recorders and easily and wirelessly upload their dictations to the Acusis data center for backend speech recognition processing, editing, and traditional transcription. Given the iPhone’s intuitive interface, dictations can be created in an instant, supporting an organization’s goals for faster turnaround time and physician satisfaction.

“We have seen demand for mobile application solutions increase significantly and want to assure that our customers can be part of this growth; we also want to assure that we provide flexible physician documentation options at the point of care and believe that AcuMobile and AcuSpeech can deliver added flexibility,” says Ray Dyer, CEO of Acusis. “We will continue to work with our customers to offer robust and technology-oriented solutions.”

AcuMobile is designed to enhance the dictation process by offering:

  • Leveraging connectivity options of the iPhone
  • Fast and easy installation of the application
  • Full physician workflow support
  • Secure, HIPAA-required patient information protection

To learn more about the Acusis product offering, please visit or contact us at 855.4.ACUSIS or


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