January 09, 2014

Acusis® Launches the AcuVoice® Dictation Platform



Acusis® announced the launch of AcuVoice®, the newest module made available in the AcuSuite line of transcription solutions. AcuSuite is an advanced dictation workflow that has several advantages over legacy solutions.

Medical Transcription Service leader Acusis® today announced the launch of AcuVoice®, an advanced dictation workflow solution. Previously only offered with the Acusis Transcription Service, AcuVoice is designed to offer a cost-effective and robust dictation solution for healthcare facilities.

Medical professionals will enjoy a number of advantages when choosing AcuVoice® over traditional phone-in dictation technologies. AcuVoice® enables users to streamline their dictation workflows over the phone by allowing users to use any touch-tone phone from any location. AcuVoice’s TeleDictation Systems allows users to dial in, record their dictation, replay, and monitor it at their convenience, as well as allowing them to manage pending dictations.

AcuVoice® also boasts of superior versatility, as it is able to integrate with many existing transcription models by integrating and exporting recorded audio to the targeted systems.

AcuVoice® greatly simplifies the process for creating dictations, as it uses any available landline or mobile phone. Data-input requirements can be pre-structured, making for a much improved user experience.

AcuVoice® is offered in multiple models such as 4 Port, 8 Port, 12 Port and 24 Port local installation & SaaS pay-per-use model, to fit any budget.

Key advantages to AcuVoice® include:

  • Secure dictation from anywhere with instant transmission to transcriptionists
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Flexibility of using dictation options (Telephone, c-phones, and mobile devices)
  • Readily available online job tracking facilities
  • Easy integration with HIS, EHR, RIS systems
  • Enables work sharing and transcription outsourcing
  • Enables prioritization of reports

“More than 13 years of our experience in digital dictation capture enabled our technicians to optimize the audio output to suit a range of different needs,” said KB Anand, CEO of Acusis®. “The result is a superior solution for medical data transcription that is user-friendly, effective and secure, all while adhering to HIPAA regulations. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone in the medical industry who is looking to upgrade and improve their transcription services.”


About Acusis ®

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