April 15, 2015

Acusis® Announces Acu-Scribe



April 15, 2015 - Acusis®announces its newest service offering, Acu-Scribe - A direct type into your EHR solution. Acusis® provides clinical documentation specialists to enter patient encounter summaries directly into a client’s preferred EHR system. Acu-Scribe is a fraction of the cost compared to onsite scribes, and reduces the time doctors spend on administrative tasks. Acu-Scribe removes the struggles with providers and/or facilities that don’t adapt to or improve on EHR utilization. With Acu-Scribe, hospitals can now have a usable EHR software system without overworking the physicians. Acusis® staff members are well trained on HIPAA standards, medical terminology, EHR systems, and facility requirements within that EHR application.

“This is an effective option that surprises a lot of H.I.M. Leadership” Acusis CFO, Larry Jackson explains, “having our specialists access the EHR and complete the administrative steps for the physician makes sense. Between the well-publicized doctor shortage in the U.S. and the salary cost of these positions, any CFO would agree this time saving step for the physician is a good idea for any hospital.”

To take advantage of Acu-Scribe, the physician records a summary of the patient encounter by using their preferred dictation method. This includes the AcuMobile Smart Phone application or any other handheld device. The captured audio is processed through the Acusis® Speech Recognition and Formatting engines, which are conveniently preset with the dictator’s preferences. Using the Acusis® Workflow, Acusis® completes the standard dictation and editing process. The Acusis® Clinical Documentation Specialists access the local EHR to identify or create the appropriate patient encounter. They then enter this information into the applicable fields. Acusis® creates and assigns tasks to the appropriate personnel, adds addendums, normals, and all required information. For complete details on Acu-Scribe, visit www.Acusis.com and follow Acusis® on Twitter @AcusisLLC, on LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/Acusis and on YouTube youtube.com/user/AcusisLLC.



About Acusis®

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