Acusis India

Acusis in India is the pioneer and undisputed leader in home-based medical transcription careers since 2001. More than 1000 employees and associates have nurtured their medical transcription careers  through Acusis India.

Acusis has a dedicated software development center in Bangalore. AcuSuite®, the cutting edge technology platform is developed and refined by Acusis’ technology team. It helps to provide successful and sustainable home-based career options across India.

Acusis India headquarters is in Bangalore and three additional offices are located in Chennai, and Coimbatore.

Acusis has always envisioned its route to leadership in medical transcription industry by “Employing exceptional talent – Maximizing their contribution by leveraging technology – Creating rewarding careers”

Three keys to success at Acusis

People – Process – Technology


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